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How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Teeth whitening treatment in Fishers, IN, from your dentists can give you a dazzling smile.

Is your smile dull and discolored? Does your smile make you look older than you are? If you answered yes to either of these questions, it’s time to consider professional teeth whitening at Fishers Dental Care! Dr. Kevin Ward and Dr. Molly Dwenger offer a wide range of dental services, including teeth whitening treatments in Fishers, IN, to give you a dazzling smile.

So, how does teeth whitening work? There are two methods to give you the brilliant, bright smile you deserve:

In-office teeth whitening- with this process, the professional-strength whitening gel is placed on your teeth while you are in the office. The gel is left on your teeth for about an hour and activated with a special light. You will see amazing results immediately, after just one treatment.

In-office whitening is great because:

  • It is the quickest way to achieve a bright smile
  • It can be performed during a lunch hour, so it’s a great choice for busy people
  • It is safe because treatment is monitored continuously by a dental care provider and your gums are protected

Take-home whitening- with this process, you will receive a kit containing custom-made whitening trays and whitening gel. You fill the trays with gel and wear them for the recommended amount of time. You will notice results after a few treatments.

Take-home whitening is great because:

  • It enables you to whiten your smile at your own pace
  • You can whiten your smile in the comfort and privacy of your home
  • You can whiten your smile gradually when the time is right for you

Both the in-office and take-home treatments are:

  • Effective, because you can whiten your smile up to 8 shades
  • Long-lasting, because your amazing results can last up to 5 years
  • Safe, because all materials and methods are tested and approved by the American Dental Association

You deserve a brilliant, white smile and professional teeth whitening can help you achieve it. To discover more about the magic of professional teeth whitening in Fishers, IN, call Dr. Ward and Dr. Dwenger of Fishers Dental Care at (317) 577-1911 now!

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