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Dental Crowns Help Strengthen Damaged Teeth

A crown is, in essence, a tooth-shaped cap that is bonded onto a tooth that needs to be protected, and strengthened, because it has been damaged in some way. Crowns can also help restore missing teeth and are even useful in a cosmetic application with teeth that will not whiten through traditional means. To learn more please reach out to Dr. Kevin Ward from Fishers Dental Care in Fishers, IN.


Small cracks and chips can be treated by your dentist using dental bonding. Larger injuries, however, may require a crown both to restore the strength of your bite and to protect your tooth from further damage. As well as give a natural appearance to your tooth.


It's not just injury that threatens the integrity of your teeth, their biggest enemy is decay. Dental fillings can usually restore teeth when cavities appear, but sometimes they may not be enough. When a cavity is too large your tooth can also benefit from a dental crown.

Root Canals 

Once decay has progressed deep into your tooth, pain is a common side effect. To relieve it, and to save your tooth and the rest of your mouth from infection, a root canal may be required. The tooth-saving treatment usually needs to be followed up with a crown as well.


Even when teeth cannot be saved dental crowns still play an important role in restoring your smile. Dental implants and bridges differ in the way that they accomplish it, but both employ dental crowns to do so. A bridge uses a series of crowns anchored onto healthy teeth. A dental implant can restore one or multiple teeth via a permanently implanted titanium post, onto which a crown, or a series of them, are attached.

Family Dentistry in Fishers, IN

Dental crowns can improve your smile in a multitude of ways, schedule a consultation today to find out how. Make an appointment with Dr. Ward from Fishers Dental Care in Fishers, IN, by dialing (317) 577-1911.

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