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Rebuild Your Smile With Dental Implants

Tired of your partial? Is a one-tooth gap changing your dental bite and self-confidence? Maybe you should rebuild your smile with dental implants, the permanent way to a stable, attractive smile.

What's a tooth or two?

Frankly, you were created to have a full set--32 in all. Each has work to do, and every tooth contributes to your personal appearance and jaw bone strength. Lose one to decay, gum disease, injury, or something else, and your entire smile changes.

For instance, lose a molar, and you cannot chew efficiently, and your jaw may develop a painful condition called TMJ. The bone underneath the missing tooth recedes, and adjoining teeth move and weaken. The more teeth you lose, the harder it is to speak clearly. In other words, people will have difficulty understanding what you are saying.

Still, think tooth loss is nothing to worry about?

Dental implants from Fishers Dental Care

Dr. Kevin Ward and his team do everything they can to prevent tooth loss. But, unfortunately, it still can happen. As such, they offer the best tooth replacements around: dental implants. True prosthetic teeth from root to crown, dental implants counter all of the negatives associated with tooth loss.

As an example, dental implants really are titanium screws. Surgically put into the jaw, implants meld with the bone. This osseointegration process rebuilds the alveolar ridge, allowing the implant to be as capable as a real tooth. You get a youthful facial appearance, good speech, efficient chewing and so much more.

Who can get dental implants? Good candidates:

  • Are non-smokers
  • Have strong immune systems (people with poorly controlled diabetes or hypertension are not good candidates, reports Contemporary Clinical Dentistry)
  • Possess excellent oral hygiene habits
  • Wear bite guards if they grind or clench their teeth when stressed (bruxism actually loosens dental implants over time because of something dentists call occlusal load)

To know for sure, we recommend coming to our Fishers, IN, office for an evaluation by Dr. Ward. Together, you'll discuss the details of dental implant surgery, healing time, and more.

Learn more about dental implants

Get back your smile, and preserve its future, too. Call Fishers Dental Care at (317) 577-1911. Remember, every single tooth is important to your smile!

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