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Your dental needs are unique; no one else is exactly like you. That’s why we tailor our services for you as an individual. When you consult with Dr. Ward, he will explain your current dental situation and answer any questions you have about it. Then, together, you and Dr. Ward can work out a dental health and enhancement plan that’s exactly what you want.

Athletic Mouthguards

Custom Fit Athletic Mouthguards, fabricated by our office and worn properly, will fit precisely in your mouth to provide levels of comfort and protection for sports-related oral injuries  not achieved with other types of “store…

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Extraction of teeth may be necessary for a number of reasons: overcrowding, infection, or stubborn baby teeth. Using a local anesthetic to numb the area of the mouth, the tooth is carefully removed and appropriate…

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Root Canals

Root canals are performed to treat abscessed, inflamed pulp inside of a tooth that may be cracked, chipped, or traumatized. When the pulp becomes abscessed, or infected, it can be extremely painful and make normal, day-to-day…

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Tooth Grinding TMJ

Comfort H/S™ Bite Splint The Comfort H/S tm Bite Splint is a clear, comfortable nightguard/splint designed to protect teeth from grinding/bruxing while you sleep.    This nightguard/splint, or other types of appliances which also may…

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