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Your dental needs are unique; no one else is exactly like you. That’s why we tailor our services for you as an individual. When you consult with Dr. Ward, he will explain your current dental situation and answer any questions you have about it. Then, together, you and Dr. Ward can work out a dental health and enhancement plan that’s exactly what you want.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea

The aveoTSD® Anti-Snoring Mouthpiece The aveoTSD, made of medical-grade silicone, directly suctions onto the tongue and is prevented from falling back into the throat. By increasing airway volume, it will reduce snoring and improve sleep…

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Porcelain laminate veneers are a way to improve the appearance of your teeth and your smile. They usually require very little tooth reduction, because they are thin facings bonded only to the front of your…

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Ceramic Inlays & Onlays

Inlays and onlays are tooth-colored restorations that are used on the chewing surfaces of back teeth. An inlay fits within the contours of the tooth. An onlay not only fits within the tooth’s contours, but…

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A crown is a restoration that covers or caps a tooth to restore its normal shape and size. Its purpose is to strengthen a tooth or improve its appearance. Dr. Ward might recommend that you…

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